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Quilting Katie Soderberg 553-2519  
Bring your own project Dolly Lyon 307-1453  
Painting Ernie Vicari 307-2716  
Ceramics Lyn Troy 553-2760 Bob Hale
Helaine Tilkin 347-8011
Stained Glass Joyce Irvin 553-2503  
Mens     Jim Prentice
Ladies Diane Rybicki 347-9466 Jim Prentice
Laddy Duffers Patsy Richson 347-9311 Jim Prentice
Golf Club Jake Doty 307-7166 Jim Prentice
Bingo Diane Doane 342-9741  
Bowling Dominic Prestano 693-4451 Jim Prentice
Bridge - Monday Barbara Belisle 233-4250  
Alta Gustafson 347-0417
Bridge - Friday Alta Gustafson 347-0417  
Bunco June Byrne 307-7729  
Dahrie Hayman 553-2452
Theresa Miller 553-2458
Horseshoes Bob Lemon 693-4381  
Mahjong Anita Calkin 307-3699  
Pickle Ball Herb and Jane Broecker 572-6488 Tom Casola
Shuffleboard Gary Fetterly 553-2641  
Softball     Jim Prentice
Tennis Mens Roger Grant 446-5475  
Tennis Womens Sylvia Barbay 307-4979  
Texas Canasta Doris Decker 693-4122  
Sherry Coy 553-2564
Texas Hold-em & Poker Steve Frost 553-2584  
Architecture Review Committee (DRB) Karl Bykowski 716-745-7155 Jim Prentice
Bible Study Elbert Ford 438-8882 Tom Casola
Butterfly Club Bonnie Harlan 347-6083  
Cancer Support     Tom Casola
Caring Neighbors Don Shears 553-2764 Don Shears
Circle of Friends Gerri Shiver 693-4505 Tom Casola
Computer Club John Pfuhl 693-4788 Bob Hale
Bob Hale 553-2983
GlenSliders Dance Club Gary and Peggy Bianchi  484-0812 Bob Hale
Empire State Club Larry Hafkin 693-4549 Jim Prentice
Entertainment Committee Linda Sautter 693-4587 Bob Hale
Facilities and Grounds Committee Don Pellegrino 566-8709  
Finance Committee Susan York 693-4137 Tom Casola
James Prentice 245-4670
Florida Club Jim and Rosemary Davis 347-6761 Joe Sedotto
Funtastic 5 (Phase 5 Group) Joan Menichino 631-467-6187 Bob Hale
Garden Club Martha Baxter 307-1029 Jim Prentice
Gourmet Club Dahrie Hayman 553-2452 Joe Sedotto
Great Lakes Club Shirley Peralta 233-4100  
Pat Cooper 693-4748
History Club John Yohammon 693-3161  
Humane Society of Marion County George Tyler 553-2550 Bob Hale
Kitchen Committee Sue Bean  233-4132 Don Shears
Charlyn Kelleher  245-5155
Library Charlyn Kelleher 245-5155 Tom Casola
Lunch Bunch Carrie Chandler    
Model Railroading Don Molrup 347-3933 Tom Casola
Newsletter and Communications Committee      
NorEaster Club Chris Wilburn 693-3069 Bob Hale
Pickle Ball Herb & Jane Broecker 572-6488 Tom Casola
SummerGlen Riders Artie Fedrich 693-3772 Jim Prentice
Red Hat Ladies Sandy Knowles 245-9768  
Resident Service Center (Volunteers) Leo and Susan Santiago 245-0202  
RV Club Jan Lemon 693-4381 Tom Casola
Southern Club Anna RomAero 553-2011  
Blossom Harvey 423-360-6678
Summerglen Cruisers Dick Charcalla


Jim Prentice
Summer Dreams Newsletter Elbert Ford 484-1216 Tom Casola
Summerglen Job Seekers Bob Echols 693-4290 Bob Hale
Summerglen Players Bill Collings or Sandy Jones 693-4281 Bob Hale
Sandy Jones 347-5138  
Square Dancing Jim and Rosemary Davis 347-6761  
Travel Club Susan Kimmel 693-3341 Joe Sedotto
Veterans Club Susan Farr 347-7221  
Web Page Committee Bob Hale 553-2983 Bob Hale
Tom Casola 566-6324 Tom Casola
Weight Loss Support Sally Fortier 553-2361  
Welcome Committee Ed Stein 553-2433  
AQUA Zumba Cinda Schabel  812-593-2998 Tom Casola
Carolyn Zeigler 693-4375
Alice Mychaylo 693-4720
Gale A. Cote 693-3258
Aerobics Arlene Outzs 553-2179  
Morning Line Dancing Exercise Peggy Cogan 233-4049  
Stretching and Flexibility      
Water Aerobics Betty Torgerson 307-2398  
Weight and Circuit Training      
Yoga Diep Brown 233-4197 Tom Casola
ZUMBA Fitness Club Cinda Schabel  812-593-2998 Tom Casola
Carolyn Zeigler 693-4375
Alice Mychaylo 693-4720
Gale A. Cote 693-3258
BOB HALE 553-2983  
TOM CASOLA 566-6324  
JIM PRENTICE 245-4670  
JOE SEDOTTO 307-9333  
DON SHEARS 553-2764   
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