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During the North American Invitational Contest at Tacoma YC, local hydro racer legend Chip Hanauer made this video. Chip now produces an internet webpage featuring all sorts of boating related stories called The Boat Guy  "".
IPBA allowed Chip and his camera guy to come along on the day before the NAI race while we demonstrated some of the PLR activities.  P/C Bill and Trish Anderson donated their boat and time to make this work.


The purpose of the International Power Boat Association (IPBA) is to promote the safe piloting of pleasure boats and to sponsor and sanction predicted log racing contests to improve the piloting and seamanship abilities of contestants.  Although we call our sport Predicted Log Racing, it is actually a navigational contest where the contestant "predicts" how long in hours, minutes, and seconds it will take him or her to get from point to point on the race course.

IPBA sanctions contests in the Pacific Northwest, including Washington and British Columbia, Canada.  Click on the Coming Events page on the menubar to view the IPBA Contest and Events Schedule.

IPBA is comprised of three geographic sections. The northernmost is the Gulf of Georgia section in British Columbia, Canada. The Puget Sound North territory is from the Canadian border to Des Moines, Washington. It also has the largest number of active contestants in North America. The Puget Sound South South territory extends from Bremerton to the southernmost portion of Puget Sound, Olympia, Washington.                                                                                 

The members of IPBA are the organized yacht and boating clubs and organizations in Canada and the state of Washington that have applied to and have been accepted by the IPBA Board of Trustees. The clubs are the IPBA members and pay the dues; individual racers do not pay dues.  There generally is a  minimal race entry fees which helps to defray the costs incurred by the club that is putting on the contest.  

All members of yacht clubs or boating clubs in good standing with IPBA are welcome to enter cruiser navigation contests sponsored or sanctioned by IPBA.


What is Predicted Log Racing and How Do You Do It?

Log racing is similar to automobile rally car racing only it's done on the water.  You predict the time it will take to get from point to point on a designated course. The North American Cruiser Association's (NACA) Web site has two documents about log racing on its Cruiser Navigation and Education page.  Both of these documents provide an overview of Predicted Log Racing. 

One caveat, the second document listed was written in 1978 before racers began using computers to help calculate their races.  Most of today's racers use a software program such as Coastal Explorer to chart the course and Excel spreadsheets to calculate the race. 


You Too Can Participate!

You don't have to have a boat to participate in predicted log navigational contests.  At every contest, each contestant needs to have an "observer" on board.  The observer's job is pretty easy -- you just have to be able to record the time of day in hours, minutes, and seconds at each control point.  You'll have a fun day on the water and make new friends. If you are interested in observing at one of the IPBA races, contact one of our Trustees.  You will find their e-mail addresses by clicking on the "Home" tab and then on "Trustee Contacts".

If you have a boat and you think you might like to try predicted log racing, a good way to get a better idea of how it's done is to observe at one of the races and get to know some of the racers.  Our experienced racers are always happy to help a novice racer get started.   Contact a Trustee for help.


Log Racing Is a Social Event

This has been decreed by IPBA Past Commodore Mike Henry who is our official "Social Man".  IPBA racers have enthusiastically taken up Mike's call.  We continually strive to increase family participation and to make the social aspect of our events as fun and as important as the contest.  On race weekends, there often is a potluck hors d'oeuvres cocktail hour Friday evening; the contest on Saturday with a  group dinner and awards presentation that evening; and often a breakfast Sunday morning before everyone departs for home. 


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