Customer Testimonials

River Hills Newcomers

Susan says, "Our members are very happy with our account – it has made life easier in many ways. We are happy to pay this reasonable amount for the service and look forward to being with you for many years to come."

Greg Geehan
Kiwanis Club Secretary

Greg says, "As club secretary, what I like best is having members responsible for their own information (addresses, phone numbers, etc). It really made my job easier."

Chung Pring
Women's Club President

Chung says, "Member Manager gives our club the ability to keep up-to-the-minute data on each member. Mailing lists, badges and membership rosters are always accurate and easy to generate. Sending email to members is a breeze."

The Newcomers Club of Greater Seattle

Annette says, "This is the least-expensive and easiest tool I have used to set up a professional-looking website.

The functionality for large and small clubs is amazing, and the technical support staff provides excellent support."


Kevin says, "I almost fell off my chair! That is a pretty professional website. Good job. I immediately had to create a gallery of pictures for the Silverdale Club. AWESOME JOB ON THE WEBSITE!"

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