Reasons you might find Member Manager to be the perfect solution for your club or organization:

    Member Manager is a web service, not a software package you buy.
    • You renew yearly and effectively rent the service.
    • Your data is stored on a professionally managed server.
    • Your data is secured by the unique usernames and passwords for each member.
    • Your data is securely backed up nightly to an offsite location.
    • A Member Manager website is usually priced comparably to a bare website and is usually about one fifth the price of similar membership service websites offered by others.
    • No advertising, no hidden fees.
    • Member Manager will not sell or distribute your information.
    • This is what we do, no strings attached.
    Most of our client organizations came to us because:
    • At one time, someone designed a website for them and then either got tired, quit or left the area and the site was unmaintained.
    • They decided a free group service was too "public" for them.
    • They did not appreciate being "tricked" by a supposedly free service that, to be useful, was quite expensive.
    Member Manager has a full set of Features enabling it to support almost any kind of Club or Organization.
    • Members can maintain their own personal information online.
    • Calendar - A calander with single, repeating and recurring events. Fees for the event can be automatically collected online.
    • Dues - Complex dues can be invoiced and collected for fixed and per-unit amounts, regularly or by member anniversary. Reports are available.
    • Email - Members can email each other by individual or by groups. Email is forwarded to the member's own regular email accounts - no new email accounts.
    • Folders - Board minutes, newsletters, etc. can be stored online instead of in officers' desks.
    • Forums - Topics of interest can be discussed by the club or by specific groups inside the club. It can also provide a "blog" for individuals or committees.
    • Galleries - Photo galleries (like a slide show) can be stored online.
    • Groups - Groups provide facilities for supporting committees, teams, and families. Custom relationships can be defined such as Mother, Father, President, Secretary, etc.
    • Reports - A custom report generator provides the ability to report on much of the data stored on your site.
    • Surveys - You may apply surveys to your membership and it can also be used for elections.
    • Money Manager - Money Manager provides an accounting capability for "non-complex" club accounting. Its power is in that it has a 1-click Treasurer's Report generator that automatically stores it in a folder if desired.
    • Signup - Provides the capability for non-members to apply and be accepted into the organization with almost no effort.
    • Webpages - Webpages can be designed to be visible either before and/or after logging in; therefore, a member manager site can be either your organization's complete website or a member secured area behind a traditional website.
    • Custom Data Fields - You can create any number of custom data fields to cover special needs for your type of organization.
    • Security and Permissions - Any functionality in Member Manager can be allocated to a group. A member gets the sum of the functionalities from the groups the member belongs to.
    • Color Settings and Themes - A Member Manager site can be customized with virtually any color scheme or banner image you wish.

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