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1. Your Organization's Name

Your Organization's Full Name:   Example: Cary Golf & Country Club
A Short Site Name:   Lower-case and hyphen characters only, examples: carygcc, cary-gcc
The Short Site Name should be easy to type and easy to remember. Unless you choose to have a domain name, your site's URL will be www.MemberManager.Net/short_site_name

2. Your Information (To create a member account for you and an Administrator account.)

First Name:           Last Name:
Specify a Username: and Password:
Examples: jdoe, carolh, micke

3. With Example Data OR Empty.?

Site w/ Examples You can immediately see what can be achieved with a Member Manager site. It has 5 members, several events, etc. and is easy to clean out when you are ready to proceed with your own data.
Empty Site This would be more convenient for people who already have experience with this kind of a service and who just want to learn on their own.

4. Your Starting Set of Features

Select the right Member Manager Feature Set for your organization. You can easily change the Feature Package again later as you learn more about what features you want to turn on for your members. Click  here  to see Feature Set definitions.

Platinum Feature Set   Gold Feature Set   Silver Feature Set   Basic Feature Set  

5. Initial Color Scheme

Pick a "starter" color scheme. If you don't like it, it is easy to create your own color scheme later.

Click on the name to see them. When you like one, close the window and click the button next to the name and continue.
Car Club
Home/Renter Association
Martial Arts
Men's Club
Women's Group
Yacht Club - Sail

6. Please indicate where and how you learned about Member Manager:  

Email Marketing

Other comments:  

7. Real Human Check

After entering the Security Code from the image below into the field below, click on the "Create Site" button below. You will then be directed to your new site. (Example:

You can then sign in with the Username and Password you specified.

  • To see the site as an Administrator sees it, log into your site with the username of admin and the password you supplied.
  • To see the site as a Member sees it, log into your site with the username you supplied and the password you supplied.

Browse the User's Help Guide which describes all the features and functions in greater detail.

To Explore Your Site:

Under the Applications drop-down, the Getting Started option has two tutorials to get people started using Member Manager. First, choose the one for the Administrator and follow it to begin to customize the website for your own use.

  If you cannot see,
press  Get new code 
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