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Member Manager Help Guide

Setting Up Event Fees

Note: Print a copy of this Help Guide to help you through the Member Manager Event Fees (and PayPal) setup process.

General Description

To collect Event Fees for your organization via Member Manager, your organization must have a PayPal account for the money to be deposited into.

For information on setting up your PayPal account, click on  PayPal 

For information on handling your organization's dues, click on  Dues 

Once your PayPal account is set up, you need to enable the Dues and/or Event Fees Feature in Member Manager

  • A member that is an administrator must log into your Member Manager site.
  • Go to Features & Payment.
  • Check the checkbox next to Dues & Fees.
  • Ensure your organization's PayPal Account Email Address is entered in the email address field.
  • Click on Update Services.
The Dues & Fees feature is now enabled for your organization's Member Manager site. To test it: Create an event with a small fee (say $1).
  • At the bottom of the event creation screen, fill in a Fee Name and Fee Amount and use Add Fee To This Event as many times as needed to set up the fees you want for your event. (Note also that the Delete button is there to remove a Fee.)
  • Select the event in the Calendar and register for the event by clicking on Register.
  • Enter the quantities for each item and click on Purchase
  • Follow the PayPal instructions to pay for the event with a credit card (or a PayPal account).
  • The person registering and the person receiving emails from PayPal will each receive two emails. One from PayPal identifying the total amount paid and the other from Member Manager describing the details of the Event Registration or Fee Payment.
  • There is an option (for people unsure about paying on the Internet) to register for the event and commit to pay the treasurer directly. In that case, Member Manager sends the two registration emails (one to the treasurer and the other to the person registering) indicating no payment was made and PayPal was not involved in the event registration at all.
  • The Event Registration Report will show that the person is registered.

Thats it. The Dues & Fees feature is now operational!

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