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Member Manager Help/User Guide

What has changed in this Release

Note: Print a copy of this Tutorial to help you get started with the new Member Manager Release.

Changes you will find in Release 12:

Changes visible to Members

  • Member Manager has a new Look and Feel.
    • Everything associated with a member can be seen from the View Member screen
      • What Groups the member belongs to
      • Member Event registrations
      • Forum - each member can have their own Forum to use as a Blog/Bulletin Board
    • Everything associated with a Group can be seen from the View Group screen
      • Groups can have a photo/logo
      • Some members are randomly shown in addition to a List All button
      • A group can manage it's own calendar events
      • Forum - A group can have it's own forum
  • Email has been made easier
    • Email how has a very easy "Send email to all members" option.
    • To prevent someone from using Member Manager to send spam and to make it clear to new members that they do not have to type in email addresses, the address fields are no longer input fields. If you need to send the email to non-members also, that can be done from your own email using the copy you are sent with each email.
  • Calendar improvements
    • Events now have a "Location" field for, say, "Marriott Hotel, Grand Ballroom"
    • Events now have a button to "Email Event Registrants"

Conversion items needing to be doublechecked by Administrators

  • Most everything has been handled automatically, but there are several things you will want to check immediately:
    • We have gone back to one column for member data, so you want to check Reorder Fields and re-set your field order for the new screen format.
    • In rolling Roles into Groups, there are three things to check:
      • Go into each group that has a Test Group button and re-check what Functions, Reports and Folders that Group has access to.
      • You may have had both a group and a role for the same people and now you may have two groups and need to eliminate one of them.
      • New Test Group button for Administrators - Now group functions are additive, so that the powers a user has are the sum of the powers of all of the groups the member belongs to. The functions given to the Member group are the base for all the others. The Test Group button allows the Administrator to see just what that group can do in addition to the basic Member abilities.

Changes visible to Administrators

  • Simplified Feature Specification
    • Member Manager now has four feature groups: Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum. What functions are in which package can be seen by going to the Features & Payments dropdown.
    • Existing clubs can stay, indefinitely, with their current feature set (and current price). To change the feature mix, existing clubs will have to migrate into the new package structure.
    • As before, a club can change it's feature sets at any time and the price does not come into play until the next renewal, so if you have just renewed, you can step up immediately and not have to pay until your renewal date.
    • Note:The change from "Legacy" pricing to one of the Basic, Silver, Gold or Platinum packages is one way. You cannot go back. So, to see what is available that you do not have access to because you are initially in "Legacy" mode, create a trial club and check out the new Release 12 features. When done testing, just use the bar at the bottom to send us an email saying you are done with the site and for us to delete it.
  • New, robust Dues functionality 
    • Click here to go to a detailed description of how to get started with the Dues function.
    • Note: To use the new Dues function, a site has to upgrade their features to Platinum (however, of course, they do not have to pay until their renewal time.)
  • Reorder Fields Screen is all new and much better.
  • Signup now allows you to use the Text Editor as you do in any email
  • There is now a "Manage Member Photos" function for organizations that have a club photographer and an option to "Disable Member Photo Upload" capability. These options provide two capabilities to administrators:
    • A site can have Member Photos but only Administrators can upload Member Photos
    • A site can choose to not have any Member Photos
  • Themes and Color Settings - A whole Themes function is now available to sites. To see examples of what is available, go to "Create Club" and scroll to the bottom where a set of basic themes are available for new sites and click on the magnifying glass to see a representation of that theme. Once a theme is selected, the color scheme can be adjusted as you can today. This may, or may not, be an upgrade to what you currently have for your site depending on how much you worked on banners and colors in setting up your site.
  • New standard Password Report just for Administrators - Now you can allow other members to create Reports because we no longer allow Password to be in a Custom Report. Any existing reports showing the Password field have been disabled and can be edited to remove the Password field.

If you any concerns or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for being a Member Manager client,

The Member Manager Support Team