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Member Manager Help/User Guide

Usernames, Passwords and Logging In

Note: It may help to print a copy of this Tutorial .

Usernames, Passwords and Logging In

To log into a Member Manager site, you go to your Member Manager site    
Then if you are not already at the login screen, select LOGIN or press ENTER to go to the login screen. Your data is protected by a username and password. Only you or an administrator from your organization can change your data. Remember, keeping your username and password private is your responsibility. (see Edit My Info)

A member will not be able to log into the Member Manager website until an administrator has added that member to the website. (see Manage Members)

To log in, enter the Username and Password that were:

  • Set by your Administrator when you were added to the website or

  • Set by you previously in Edit My Info

  • If you have forgotten your password or username and password, use the Forgot your Password? button to retrieve your username and password via email..

If you still have questions, send a question to