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Member Manager Help/User Guide

Getting Started with Member Surveys

Note: Print a copy of this Tutorial as a way to learn how to use the Member Surveys function.

The Survey function is a simple but powerful function that you can use to gage the opinions of your Members and can also be used for Elections.

  • Enabling "Survey Administration" for some Members:
    • To give those members the "Survey Administrator" ability (so the Site Administrator does not have to do it all!):
      • Create a Group (or use an existing Group) for Members to be able to manage Surveys.
      • Use Edit Group Members to assign the "Survey Administrators" to the Group
      • Check the "who can do what" box at the bottom to be able to assign Additional Powers to the Group
      • Under Group Site Accessibility, click on Functions
      • Click on the box next to Manage Surveys and then click Apply and then Submit.
      • Now all nembers of the Survey Administrator Group will be able to create and adminster surveys through the Surveys item in the Applications dropdown.
    • To give regular members the ability to take surveys, go to the basic Member group and under Functions, check the "View Surveys " ability and Submit.
  • Creating a Survey: - A member with Manage Surveys ability can create and administer Surveys.
    • After clicking on Surveys, click on + Add Survey in the menubar.
    • Fill in the fields and then click on Submit in the menubar.
    • Now, click on Edit for your Survey and then click on + Manage Survey Questions in the menubar.
    • Click on + Add Survey Question for each question you want to add.
      • You can split your survey up into sections, each with it's own instructions by using New Page.
      • There are 4 types of questions:
        • Yes/No - Which is used for any type of 2 answer question like "Male/Femaie" or "Large/Small".
        • List - Pick one from a list, for example: "Always, Usually, At Times, Seldom, Never".
        • Multiple Choice - Pick one or more from a list.
        • Text - For prose answers - "Any ideas for solving this problem?"
    • On the Manage Questions screen, you can easily reorder the questions clicking on Reorder in the Menu Bar. Once there, you can drag and drop (with your mouse) the questions into your desired order.
  • Surveys can be Active (people can take the survey) or In-Active (under construction or when the surveying is complete).
    • When ready, you can Activate the Survey and then, if you choose, send out an email asking members to take the survey.
    • You cannot Edit an active survey. You must de-activate it first.
    • When it is de-activated, you can clear the responses and start over, for example: after a test run.
    • Taking a Survey
      • Active Surveys have a "Take Survey" button.
      • Just answer all (or some) of the questions and press Submit. The member can only take the test once. Once the Submit button is clicked, answers cannot be changed.

If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to let us know.

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