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Member Manager Help/User Guide

Getting Started with Member Signup

Note: Print a copy of this Tutorial as a way to learn how to use the Member Sign Up functions.
What is Member Sign Up?

Member Sign Up is a free feature for organizations that want to have people be able to ask to join their organization after looking at their website.

With the "Sign Up" feature, the person who is asking to "Sign Up", essentially creates their own member record instead of the Administrator. That member record, however, is in a "Pending" state until the person handling "Sign Up's" for the organization either Accepts or Denies the application.

When enabling the feature, the organization can put in text that acts like an Application Form. Then when the applicant is using the Sign Up screen, a text box is there for them to respond to the "Application Form" which is sent as an email to the person handling new applicants as an alert. For instance, the organization's "Application Form" could be as shown below:

      Why do you want to join?



      Please list your Degrees:
      Degree          Year          School                                    



Getting Started with the Sign Up feature:

  • Enabling the Feature: - The Member Manager Website Administrator must go to the Manage Features screen (under Site Customization) and enable the Sign Up feature by:
    • Putting a checkmark in the checkbox for the Sign Up feature
    • When you select Sign Up, two boxes open up lower down in the screen.
      • Email Address: The email address of the person you want to receive a notification email when someone applies to join. MUST BE FILLED IN. That person must also have permission, via Roles, to use the Manage Member Sign Ups command.
      • Additional Information: A text area that goes into the "alerting" email and could hold the "Application for Membership".
    • When you are ready, click on Update Services to activate any feature changes.
  • Signing Up: - A person who wants to join the organization, clicks on the Sign Up button in the upper menu bar of either the Public Pages screen or the Login screen.
    • The joining person fills in their name, username, password, and email address fields and fills out the customized "Application Form" (if provided) and presses Submit.
    • The "pending" member record is created and an "alerting" email is sent to the email address specified in the Sign Up Email box on the Manage Features screen.
  • Handling the Application(s): Upon receiving the alerting email, that person goes over the "Additional Information", if any, and either accepts or denies membership (after consulting with others?).
    • If accepted, the "Pending" member record is converted to a real member record and a "New Member" email is sent to the person joining.
    • If denied, the "Pending" member record is deleted and a confirming email is returned to the person applying.
    • Customized Accept and Deny emails can be set up by using the button on the send email screen and specifying the text your organization wants to have in the emails.

That's it! A very simple, but powerful, function!

For information on using Signup with Dues: Click here.

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