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Member Manager Help Guide

Getting Started - New Members

Congratulations! Your organization has subscribed to Member Manager and created a site to better manage your organization! Starting to use Member Manager is easy. Here is a simple Tutorial to get you started using the basic functions.

Note: Print a copy of this Tutorial as a way to learn how to use the Member Manager functions available to a member of your organization's Member Manager Site. (Extensive information is also available via the Help Guide accessed by using the context-sensitive Help button in the upper right corner of each screen.)

After printing the Tutorial, write these values here until you can remember them without this note.
    Your Username:          _________________
    Your Password:           _________________
    Your Club Site Name:  _________________
    (where Site Name is the short name that was assigned while creating your site)

Click on one of these to jump directly to your topic of interest:

The Basics - How to use Member Manager

  • Note that there are two "menu bars" at the top of the screen below the site banner/logo. The items on the left of the upper bar (Applications, etc.) display "dropdowns" when your mouse touches them.
    • The upper menu bar "dropdowns" that become visible when your mouse touches them (see image at right) are how you get to all of the Member Manager functions.

      Your Application dropdown may not contain the same items as shown here. Which application options are shown is determined by which Groups your organization's site Administrator assigned you to and which features are turned on.

    • The lower menu bar: (see image above)
      • identifies the function you are using, (Member)
      • contains any status messages (Member updated successfully)
      • and, on the righthand end, contains buttons that make things happen. (Edit My Info, Help, etc.)
  • Move your mouse pointer over any other item on the Top Menu Bar and a list of pages (places) you can view drops down. You can quickly review your choices by moving your mouse along the Top Menu Bar looking at each dropdown.
  • To go somewhere in the site, point to an item in a drop down list and click your Left Mouse Button once.
  • There is no need to go-back if you can see the Top Menu Bar. You can always pick the next place you wish to visit from the Top Menu Bar.
  • Most functions are not complete until you press the "Submit" button which will be on the right end of the Lower Menu Bar.
Logging into your Member Manager site::  (Skip this section if already signed in.)
  1. Go to the Internet on your computer (usually via Internet Explorer).
  2. Type the following into the address line of your browser:
    and press Enter.
  3. You now are viewing your organization's "Home" Public Page or the Login screen.
  4. View the various Public Pages available in dropdowns in the upper menu bar.
  5. When you are ready to log in, if not already there, click on Login on the right end of the upper Menu Bar to go to the Login Screen.
  6. Type in your Username and Password and press Submit.
    • If you do not know them, click on Can't log in? and follow the instructions and Member Manager will send you an email with your Username and Password.
    • Or call your club's Member Manager Administrator (usually the Secretary or Treasurer).
  7. Now you are at the Welcome Screen.

Setting your Password and changing/adding your information:

  • Under Applications, click on My Profile and then on the Edit My Info button in the action bar.
  • Change your Username and/or Password from those that were assigned to you to something you can remember.
    • A username and password that you can remember, without writing them down, are what secures your organization's member data.
  • Complete and/or correct all your information (address, email, phone #'s, etc.).
  • If you have a better picture of yourself on your computer, click on the Upload Photo button and upload your own personal picture. The photo needs to be a .jpg and will look best if cropped and resized before uploading. If it is larger than the size specified by your club, it will be automatically resized during the upload.

A guided tour of the basic member functions:

  • Click on the logo in the upper-left, at any time, to return to the Welcome Screen.
  • Under Applications , click on Members to view other member's information (and yours!).
    • Try the various search features including those accessed via the Advanced Search button.
    • Click on the View icon to view some member's information and try Next and Previous.
    • If their email address is filled in, you can send them an email by clicking on the email address.
    • If their home address is filled in, try viewing the map (see bottom of screen).
  • Under Applications, click on Email to start an email.
    • Click on the To: button to see the ways to address an email
    • Click on some checkboxes to select by that name, a whole group or the officeholder
    • At the bottom, click on OK and note that the To: line is now filled in.
    • Enter your email Subject and email Body
      • Note that the text area has many word processing features. Color some text, center or left justify paragraphs, bold something, etc.
      • Note that you will get a copy of the email also.
    • When you are ready, press the Send Email button in the bar above the text editor to send the email. Note that the status area on the left side of the lower menu bar will say Email sent successfully.
  • Click on Calendar
    • Practice moving from month to month, year to year and from the graphical view to the list view and back.
    • Holding the mouse over an Event will show the event name. Clicking on an Event will open the event.
    • If your club has a practice event for you to register for, after opening the event, click on the Register button to register for the event. After registering, navigate back to the event and view the Attendee Report.
    • Your Member Manager site may not be set up for you to be able to add events to the calendar (i.e. there is no +Add Event button for you on the right of the lower menu bar).
    • If the +Add Event button is there, click on it and create your own practice event. Then register for it, check the Attendee Report and go back and delete it by using Manage Events under Administration. You can only change or delete events which you created and it is done through Manage Events.
  • Under Applications view any Galleries or Folders your club has set up and if you can +Add ... try adding and deleting.
  • View all the Reports and print one using the Print Report button on the right of the lower menu bar. As above, if you can, practice adding and deleting a Report.
  • Try the Help button on the right end of the upper menu bar. It takes you directly to the Help for that screen, Also try the Help button under Applications. It takes you to the Help Table of Contents.
  • If you are an Administrator, also look at Getting Started with Member Manager: Administrator to try all the other member functions in your menubbar dropdowns.

So that's it! When you are done, click on Log Out!

Just have fun. You cannot hurt anything!

If you still have questions:

  1. Look for an answer in the Help/User Guide.
  2. Otherwise, click here

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