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Member Manager Help/User Guide

Getting Started with Storage Folders

Note: Print a copy of this Tutorial as a way to learn how to store files in folders in your Member Manager site.


The File Storage and Photo Gallery features are combined into one feature for purchase purposes (see the sales Cost) page. The price is based on the combined number of files (Photos + Folder Files) and the first 25 are free.

The File Storage feature allows your organization to place files in folders on the Member Manager website where members can easily get to them. In the example below, the File Storage Folder is named Example Folder and it has two files in it.

Clicking on Folders (under Applications) and then selecting View for the folder you want allows you to see the files stored in that folder.  

Then clicking on the View icon for a file in the list (see below) will download the file and then either:
  • Open the file in your browser or 
  • Open a download dialog box where you specify where to save the file. 

If it opens the file in your browser and you want to save it onto your computer, you use the Save As function in your application to save it to the directory of your choice on your computer.

Clicking on the Edit button for a folder (if shown) allows you to rename the folder, reorder files or remove files from the folder.

Clicking on the Delete button for a folder (if shown) deletes the folder and all files in the folder.

Creating an new folder is via the + Add File Folder button in the second menu bar.

After clicking on the + Add File Folder button in the upper right corner, the Add Folder screen is presented where you type the name for the folder. To specify who can access the Folder, you click on the button and the Select Roles pop-up appears. You then check off the roles that can use the folder and select Apply and then Submit and the folder is created.

After you press Submit to create the folder, you are shown the Manage Folder screen. Here you can reorder, view, edit and delete files in the selected folder. You can also change the name of the folder and change which roles can access the folder. You can specify whether the Folder is viewable by someone before they log in, after they log in or both.

Clicking on the + Add File button in the upper right of the screen takes you to a screen where you select the file on your computer to upload into the Gallery (see below). You use the browse button to navigate to the file on your computer that you want to store in the Storage Folder, select it and press Open. The result is that the field is filled in with the address to the file on your computer. You then fill in the descriptive name you want to use for the file and press Submit.

Upon adding the file, you are taken to the Manage Folder screen. The Manage Folder screen lists all existing files, if any. You can change the name of the Folder by changing the Rename Folder field and pressing Submit. You can reorder the files by changing the Reorder numbers and pressing Submit. To View, Edit or Delete an existing file, you click on the corresponding icon.  To add another file, you use the +Add File button in the upper right.

NOTE: It is nice for committee chairs to be able to manage the membership of their own group/committee and content of their folder(s). So, a member who is "given" the "Manage Groups" power can only use it to manage groups to which the member is already a member. Stated in the reverse: A group can only be managed (by an Admin, of course or) by a member of that group who has been given the "Manage Groups" power.

To implement this make a group called Committee Chairs and add your committee chairs to that group. Then, check the box that is labeled "If checked, this group can control what functions" which will then show a whole list of functions. Only check the one box - 'Manage Groups" and then hit Apply and Submit. Now the members of the Committee Chairs can manage the membership/folders/etc. that that person is a member of.

For more information on "Assigning Powers", see Groups.

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