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Member Manager Help/User Guide

How to send Member Manager Emails

Note: Print a copy of this Tutorial as a way to learn how to use the Dues function.

Email Members

To send an email to members, select the Email Members function from the menu. A blank email will open up with your email address automatically set into the From: field. Your email address is also automatically set into the CC: field to give you a copy of the email sent. If you use the CC: button to select names, remember to re-add your email address to ensure you receive a copy.

Note that (in the line above the To button) you can select to send the email to "All Members" of your organization. If your organization is large, this may not be appreciated and considered by your fellow members as spam.

Note also that sending an email to large number of recipients may cause the email to be treated as a Spam email by some email transporters and/or Spam filters. Under the File Attachment line, you have two radio buttons:

  • Sending one email containing all the addressees
  • Entering the maximum number of addresses you want for each email. This is the default and 10 is the suggested value but it can be changed to any value (1, 5, 25, etc.).
Specifying a number causes Member Manager to break the email up into several emails with the specified number of addresses in each email, including the Cc: and Bcc: addresses.

If you get non-deliveries, you might set the value to 1 (where one email is sent to each addressee) and see if that helps.

Click the To:, Cc: or Bcc: (blind copy) buttons to select the members from the Select Member(s) list. You can also send the email to an entire group by using Select by Group . As you select groups, the corresponding member names are checked in the Select Member(s) List.

Selecting Select All or Clear All will set or clear all the check marks. If your organization is larger than 200 members, you will want to click on the +200 button to get the second 200 and so forth. You can both add groups and also check individual names.

When the Select Member(s) list is correct, click on the OK button below the selection tables to return to the Email body where the To:, Cc: or Bcc: fields contain the selected members.


Next you type the subject for your email in the Subject line, attach any attachments you want to include. (Note: if the attachment you want to send is in a Member Manager Folder, that you download it (View and Save) to your computer desktop.)

Type the body of your email in the Text Editor window. Note all the formatting options that are available to you.

When you are all done, click on the Send Email button.

Note: There is no place to type in email addresses. This is to prevent Member Manager (and your organization) of ever being used to send spam. A member can only email other members of the same organization. If you need to send emails to outsiders, you can forward to them your copy of the Email automatically sent to you.

Email w/Filter

Note that in the lower menu bar there are two more options: Email w/Filter and Email Templates.


Email w/Filter allows you to run a report that results in a list of email addresses that are automatically inserted into an Email. In this example, the filtering gives you everyone in the state of Washington but outside Seattle and who was born after 1975.


You then specify whether you want them in the To address line or in the Bcc line. In many cases with this kind of email, people prefer that their email address not be shown, i.e. Bcc wich means "blind copy".


The resulting addresses are then automatically put into the email and you are ready to add your subject and content.

Email Templates

Member Manager provides the ability for you to keep templates for emails you send often. On the menu bar, click on +Email Templates.


This takes you to a standard screen where you can manage Templates. You can View (i.e. use the template), Edit the template or Delete the template. You can also +Add Template.

If you select +Add Template or Edit template you see a screen where you can supply the Subject and/or Body of the email. If you select View, you go back to the standard email entry screen with the Subject and Body filled in from the Template you selected.

You can not use both Email w/Filter and Email w/Template on the same email.


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