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Member Manager Help/User Guide

Finding Your Site & Domain Forwarding

Note: You may want to print a copy of this section.

Finding your Site

One of the things new users sometimes have problems with is finding the site. There are several considerations:

  • (It is probably too late but,) Naming your Site - When you first create your trial site, make the short name meaningful and short, so people can remember it and type it correctly, for instance for the Cary Golf Club, the short name could be cgc.

  • Links/Favorites/Bookmarks - Placing a Link(Icon) on your Desktop is the easiest to do and to use. First get to the first webpage or Login screen for your Member Manager site. If you right-click on File or Edit at the top of your browser, you will likely find a "Save as Link" or "Copy Link". Click on that and it will be created where you direct it to be (usually on your desktop)..

  • Favorites/Bookmarks - The easiest to create, a little harder to use.

    When at the page you want to start off at, usually the Home page or Login Screen, you will see (depending on your browser), Favorites or Bookmarks (or something else) in the top list of options. Opening the dropdown, you will see Make a Favorite or Save a Bookmark. Clicking on that will create a Favorite or Bookmark in your list.

    Then, when you open your browser, you can click on Favorites and then the name of this Favorite and go directly to it.

Domain Forwarding

If you want to use Member Manager's Website Pages as the main website for your organization and you would like a website address (URL) like (or .org) instead of using www.MemberManager.Net/short-name, then you will need to pick an available Domain Name and Register it, for example: yourorg followed by .org, .com, .net, etc.).

It costs around $6/year to $40/year depending on the Domain Registration company you select. You go to a "domain name search" site and suggest different names to see what is available that you like. When you find one you like, you pay for it and point it at www.MemberManager.Net/yourorg so that whenever someone uses your domain name ( they will get directed to your main Member Manager page.

Once you have your Domain Name, you go to domain registrars site and go to "Manage your Domain" where you can set up Domain Forwarding. There, you essentially indicate that whenever someone goes to, the domain registrar should redirect it to

A suggestion (not a recommendation) of a Domain Registration company to use is All "Domain Registration" companies are closely regulated and fairly equal, but each has other "additional" services they offer, sometimes for free. is one that offers free email forwarding, i.e. you can set up email addresses like and have all its email automatically forwarded to the regular email address of the current President of your organization. When new officers are initiated, someone just goes to and points the organization email addresses like to the regular address of the new officers of the organization. People outside (and inside) the organization can continue to use the email address and the emails automatically go to the newly installed officers.

If you feel uncomfortable doing this (or just want Member Manager to do it for you) send an email to with a list of potential names ( or .com) and we will set it up and manage it for you for $25 per year.

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