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Member Manager Help/User Guide

General Information On Internet Browsers

Note: You may want to print a copy of this section.


All a person needs to use a Member Manager website is a web browser. There are many browsers (and versions of browsers) available and Member Manager will strive to work well with as many of them as possible.

Our design specification stipulates that we will support Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 (or newer) and Netscape 7 (or newer). Both Netscape and Firefox are based on Mozilla. Our current testing shows that:


  • Internet Explorer (IE) - Member Manager works very well with IE 5.5 and all subsequent versions and is the browser we most test with.
  • Firefox - Firefox is the latest version of the Mozilla browsers. It works very well with Member Manager.
  • Mozilla (various versions) - Works well
  • Netscape (based on Mozilla) - Our design specification stipulates that we will support Netscape 7 and newer. Currently Member Manager has no issues with Netscape browsers newer than 7.
  • Opera (has a good reputation) - With Opera, Member Manager does little testing. We do not have any current issues with Opera and do not recommend against using Opera with Member Manager.
  • Macintosh users are encouraged to use Firefox. The IE browser for the Macintosh is based on IE 5.2. Microsoft has not provided a browser for the Mac since the 5.2 version of IE. IE 5.2 does not display some Member Manager pages correctly. We do not currently recommend Safari.
  • Firefox is the default browser for most Linux systems. Firefox on Linux Workstations works very well with Member Manager. Be sure to install Java Runtime support on your Linux machine.

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