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Member Manager Help/User Guide

Getting Started - Administrator


  • This tutorial assumes you have already looked at the Getting Started - New Members Tutorial.
  • Print a copy of this Tutorial as a way to learn how to use the Member Manager functions available to a Member Manager Site Administrator. (Extensive information is also available via the Help Guide accessed by using the context-sensitive Help button in the upper right corner of each screen.)
  • After printing a copy of Tutorial, write the values here until you can remember them without this note.
        Your Username:          _________________
        Your Password:           ________________
        Your Clubdesignator: _________________
        (where Clubdesignator is the short name that was assigned while creating your site)
A Member Manager Website is structured into:

  • Public website pages - Information that is available to anyone on the Internet without Logging In. Public Pages are where you put information for the general public to view.
  • Private pages - Information that can be seen only after Logging In with a Username and Password. The private pages are secured and are where the information is located that is only for you and the other members of your organization.
  • If specified, individual public website pages can also be available after Logging In.
Logging in:  (Skip this section if already signed in.)
  1. Go to the Internet on your computer (usually via Internet Explorer).
  2. Type the following in the address line of your browser:
    and press Enter.
  3. You now are viewing your organization's "Home" public website page or the Login screen.
  4. View the various public website pages available in dropdowns in the upper menu bar.
  5. When you are ready, (if not already there) click on Login on the right end of the upper Menu Bar to go to the Login Screen.
  6. Type in your Username and Password and press Submit.
    • If you do not know them, click on Can't log in? and follow the instructions and Member Manager will send you an email with your Username and Password.
    • Or call your club's Member Manager Administrator (usually the Secretary or Treasurer).
  7. Now you are at the Welcome Screen.

Confirming your information:

  1. In the menubar, under Applications and then Members, click on Edit My Info in the menu bar and complete or correct all your information (address, email, phone #'s, etc.). You may also change your Username and create a secure Password you can remember or click on the note to learn how to make a secure password.
  2. If the Upload My Photo option is available on the Edit My Info page and you have a picture of yourself stored on your computer, click on it and upload your own personal photo.

Learning the Administrative Functions:

Note: All of these are available under either Applications or Site Maintenance

  1. Select Members and use the + Add Member button (lower menu bar) to add several members to the database.
  2. Use Members and then Edit to complete the information for those new members.
  3. Use Custom Data Fields and + Add Field to add additional fields that you need for your club and when asked if you want to Reorder Fields select it to put the fields in the order you want them to be. Note that this function is always available via Applications and then Reorder Fields.
  4. Use Members and Edit to enter values into the custom data fields for your members.
  5. Use Groups to identify groups of members:
    • Use Groups to create the Committees that are right for your club and assign members to the committees.
    • Use Groups and its Relationship function to identify jobs like being Officers in your club. For instance, make a Group called Club Management with Relationships identified of President, Vice P., Secretary, Treasurer, Board Member, etc.
    • Use Groups to handle the "who-can-do-what" functionality of Member Manager. Once a Group is built, you turn on the "who-can-do-what" feature flag and identify functions for this group that are above and beyond what the basic member can do i.e. added-on capabilities.
  6. Use Email to send emails to members, committee members or officers.
  7. Use Calendar with + Add Event to add events to the calendar and click on the event to see it.
  8. Use Reports to view the various default reports.
    • Use Edit to try changing them
    • Try Filterto vary the results
    • Try creating reports with the various report layouts like address labels.
    • Create a report with your member data including Username and Password using Export to export the member data into a tab-delimited file.
  9. Use Galleries to create a Photo Gallery that you can use to show pictures and photos of organization projects, picnics, etc. Also, note how you can specify whether the gallery is available to the public or only after logging in or both.
  10. Use Folders to create a Storage Folder that you can use to store organization documents for everyone (or limit it to just some) to see and download.
  11. Use Site Settings under Site Maintenance to set the colors to match your club's public website.
  12. Use Upload Logo to upload the logo or full width banner you want to use.
  13. If you have existing member data in a spreadsheet, use the tab-delimited file from above to see how to set up your member data for uploading into Member Manager and then use Upload Member Data under Site Maintenance to create and initialize your members.
  14. Open Features and Payments under Site Maintenance to note the Purchase button which you will use to initiate payment to go into production your trial site. It is also used for renewal each year. This page is also where you add (or remove) add-on features via the Update Services button.
  15. Select the Help function on the left and browse the Help Guide to see what is available there.
  16. Use the Edit Welcome Screen button at the top of the Welcome Screen to set the information for your members to see upon logging into the site.
  17. Log Out and log back in again using a member's Username and Password to note the differences between being an Administrator and a member.
  18. Use Getting Started with Member Manager: Member to try all the member functions.

For more help in getting started as an Administrator, the following topic oriented, stand-alone self-help guides have been created:

  • Getting Started with Customization - Setting up the look and feel of your site
  • Getting Started with Sign Up - Enabling Member Manager's super powerful Signup feature to allow viewers to sign up for your Organization
  • Getting Started with Groups - How you handle Committees, Families, Teams, etc.
  • Getting Started with Reports - Creating and controlling Custom and Standard Reports
  • Getting Started with Photo Galleries - Documenting your organization's fun events
  • Getting Started with Folders - Making Financial Reports, Newsletters and other organization files be available to the membership through self-service folders
  • Getting Started with Dues and Fees - Allow online collection of member dues and event fees
  • Getting Started with Forums - Enabling Discussion Forums for your members
  • Getting Started with Money Manager - Using Money Manager to manage your Organization's finances

If you still have questions,

  1. Look for an answer in the Help/User Guide.
  2. Contact another Member Manager Site Administrator in your organization.
  3. Send a question to the Member Manager Staff.

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